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      18 BOON LAY WAY,
      #02-103, TRADEHUB21,
      SINGAPORE 609966

      TEL:   (65) 6762 3798
      FAX:   (65) 6762 3797






CD Engineers is an Engineering Consulting firm established in 2002 and provides engineering design, project management and building services for Industrial applications, including Flammable Materials and Process Utilities. 

CD Engineers has since established a reputation for its simple, high quality and cost-effective designs. Covering a diverse client base, CD Engineers has built up a wealth of expertise and knowledge in many industries.

CD Engineers has the technical expertise and experience to support our clients in tackling engineering challenges. We believe that the quality of the solution lies with its simplicity - Simple in Design, Simple for Installation and Simple to Maintain.

We work together with our clients and provide services based on the clients' operational needs for the best solution to solve the technical challenges, and to optimise cost, time and construction.


Let us simplify your challenges today.






18 BOON LAY WAY, #02-103, TRADEHUB21, SINGAPORE 609966. TEL: (65) 6762 3798. FAX: (65) 6762 3797.

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